Old folks are given an experimental drug and regain their youthful vigor. Sex, drugs and murder ensue.


At Woodland Nursing Home, some old folks are given one more chance at life, all they have to do is take a bite out of the nurse. Forgotten and abandoned residents take the experimental drug, Dracizole, and turn into vampires. While the drug restores their sex life, eases their pain, and allows them to eat corn on the cob again, it is going to cost some young people their blood. The old fogeys’ targets? Pretty much anyone under thirty, including Charlene, the teenage granddaughter of one of the residents.

Long In The Tooth
scares the hell out of you, not to mention makes you spare a thought for your forgotten granny who just needs a little fresh blood to restore her dignity. And if you won’t donate, she’ll just take.

Imagine Cocoon meets Nosferatu. Watch out, this one leaves a mark.

Meet Our Team


Mark Aznavourian

Mark Aznavourian wrote and executive produced the award- winning short film, BREATHE, which was in 25 festivals worldwide and is now streaming worldwide on many platforms. He has another film, HAVE YOU HEARD THE ONE...? in pre-production, which is the pilot episode for a Twilight Zone inspired anthology series entitled VARIANT.

Stephen Rodrick

Stephen Rodrick is an American journalist who is a senior writer for Rolling Stone and a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine. Rodrick writes mostly about politics, film, and sports, often following his subjects around for months before writing. Rodrick's stories have also been anthologized five times in various “Best Of” series. His 2013 story on Paul Schrader and Lindsay Lohan was a finalist for a National Magazine Award. In 2018, Rodrick wrote a profile about actoe Johnny Depp for the Rolling Stone that was the most read story in the magazine's history.

Daniel McCoy

Daniel McCoy is the founder and president of ToneMesa, Inc., an internationally recognized sound for picture company. Daniel brings his insider's view and craftsman's attention to detail. With over 10,000 hours on set, he’s armed with efficiencies to the filmmaking system that benefit the location and post production process.

Jason Figgis

Jason Figgis is an award-winning IFTA nominated film and TV director who has had feature work commissioned by major broadcasters that include Sky One, Sky Arts and Discovery Channel. His latest feature, WINIFRED MEEKS, starring Lara Belmont, was distributed in the US by Bayview Entertainment and in the UK by High Fliers/Pinewood Studios Group. Among his over thirty credits is the documentary, SIMON MARSDEN: A LIFE IN PICTURES. The film was selected for a specially curated event at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam as well and another special invitation to screen at the headquarters of the Royal Photographic Society. His 2017 horror film, TORMENT, was nominated for best film, best director and best performance at the 2018 Starburst Fantasy UK festival. Figgis is slated to direct the $6M feature, COLD SUN, starring Patrick Bergin and Rita Tushingham. Figgis resides in Dublin.